Transfer Kiev - Odessa

Our old partner from Odessa contacted the company with a request for help: it is necessary to meet and make a transfer from Boryspil airport to Odessa about 100 people. His fleet capacity was not enough, so he turned to us. # Nbsp;
To fulfill the mission entrusted to us, we provided 6 minivans on the first day, and 8 minivans on the second. The transportation was carried out during a strict quarantine, so the transfer by buses was impossible.
Our passengers were sailors returning from observation. Before serving, the machines were disinfected in a specialized wash. During the trip, drivers and passengers were wearing personal protective equipment. Our company performs any type of car transfer throughout Ukraine (except for the temporarily occupied territories), as well as to Belarus and Europe. To order a transfer service, you must fill out an application on the website, after sending it, our manager will contact you convenient # nbsp; for you in a way, will conduct a detailed consultation and indicate the cost of the trip. # nbsp;
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